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Mike Register

Water For Fighting
Water For Fighting
Mike Register

In this episode, Brett travels to Palatka to sit down with the Executive Director of the St. Johns River Water Management District – Mike Register. They discuss how a young engineer out of the University of Florida charts a path to a more than three decade-long career at the agency he now runs; his approach to solving problems and working with stakeholders; the complicated processes involved in the development of Regional Water Supply Plans and Minimum Flows and Levels; and his thoughts on the future of water in Florida.

Learn more about Regional Water Supply Plans.

Learn more about how the District is working with farmers to meet their needs and the needs of the environment. 

 Learn about the Indian River Lagoon, its challenges, and the District’s role in restoration. 

If you want to find out how you can protect drinking water supplies in the St. Johns River and beyond

Don’t forget to support our sponsors, RES and Sea & Shoreline.

Sea & Shoreline is a Florida-based aquatic restoration firm that is on a mission to restore Florida’s water bodies and to protect our coastline communities against severe storms.  You can check out their projects at www.seaandshoreline.com

RES is a national leader in ecological and hydrological restoration, offering nature-based solutions with guaranteed performance through innovative delivery options. Discover more about their work and commitment to Florida and its environmental challenges by visiting www.res.us.

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